Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I get my faucet repaired if it only drips?

AA leaking faucet can cause you to lose between 1400 and 8100 gallons a year. If it’s a hot side leak it will also cause you loss in gas savings. Not to mention that a continually dripping faucet can cause a pressed steel sink to rust out lowering the life expectancy of your fixtures.

My HVAC and plumbing system are working well, maybe this year should I skip my annual maintenance?

AThis right here is the most popular question we get. The biggest money saver is your yearly inspections and I’ll cover this in 2 parts.

Part 1, an insufficient heating and air system can cost you several hundreds of dollars a year. A full service on your system will cost you a fraction of the cost, not to mention the thousands of dollars you will save by not having to replace a broken down system way before it’s time.

Part 2, your plumbing system absolutely needs to be inspected minimum 1 time a year. Are your pressure lines corroded? What is the water pressure in my home? Has your water heater system been drained or descaled? Over 25% of all home owners insurance claims are due to damage caused by a leaking pipe. Take care of your home before your home takes care of you.


I have hard water in my home should I get some kind of filtering system for my home?

AHard water can be a real nuisance in your home. Faucets and sinks keep breaking. You get a strong chlorine smell in your water, your skin and hair feels itchy, and your clothes fade. There are 2 common ways to go for water treatment. Soft water is one way. This is normally done by using a salt or potassium substitute that deadens your water. You normally need some sort of reverse osmosis system hooked up to your kitchen for drinking or cooking.

What we recommend at Magna Plumbing is a carbon 3 stage filter system. Reasons being it filters out your impurities and instead of killing off the calcium and magnesium from your water it changes the chemical make-up of these minerals so your body can use them and still not damage your fixtures. If your not suppose to drink the water in a salt system it’s probably not a good idea to shower or bathe in the water due to water absorption.

A simple chlorine test you can due at home is take 2 cups, let the water run for 15 seconds then fill up both cups half way, get a chlorine tester liquid(can find in pool section at Target or Walmart for $2.00), place 5 drops in the first cup, swirl it around for a few seconds and see if it turns yellow. The deeper shade of yellow the more chlorine is present. Now place your index finger in the 2nd cup, swirl your finger around for 10 seconds, now place 5 drops of the chlorine tester in that glass, you will notice that the water is a lighter shade of yellow or clear. The chlorine was absorbed in your skin.

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